Full recommendations, with contact information, are available upon request.

CEO Roundtable

"Teena was an energizing force, fabulous to have her here. Teena was uplifting and we loved her critical message of resilience."

"Her content is personal and deep; she provides information from Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and Positive Psychology which is useful in day to day living, business leadership, and especially for those who serve others."

"Using humor and transformational energy, our group found her profoundly motivating and inspiring. Dr. Cahill "held the room" for a full day, inviting lots of discussion, building hope among in our industry during the most difficult time.

I recommend Dr. Cahill to any group.

Founding Partner
CEO Round Table


Teena was truly amazing. She entertained and captivated our audience of educators so marvelously that she received a standing ovation. We have never had any speakers like Teena. She is great.

Associate Director
Educational Institute

National Association

I was pleased to secure a speaker with the credentials and reputation of Dr. Teena Cahill. She certainly lived up to her reputation when delivering the keynote to our membership. We would love to have Dr. Cahill back to speak to our group in the future. I will recommend, without reservation, Dr. Teena Cahill to anyone needing an energetic, humorous speaker. I have heard a lot of speakers over the years, but few as engaging as Dr. Teena Cahill

Chair, Program Selection Committee
National Organization

Healthcare Association

I would like to extend my appreciation for the God given talent that Dr. Teena Cahill has as a public speaker. Not only did I feel Dr. Cahill was phenomenal, but so did the rest of the membership. The responses to our surveys were the best ever, and the only complaint was that we ran out of time!

Speaking on behalf of the membership we found Dr. Cahill to be energetic, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and able to relate with both professional and personal aspects of our lives.

There were overwhelming positive comments about her presentation.

Co Chair State Healthcare Association

Care-Giving Coordinating Council

Teena was a speaker at another conference last year and everyone was so awed by her presentation that our conference committee knew we wanted her to speak to our caregivers.

Her deep understanding of what it means to be a caregiver and her outstanding presentation skills makes her a sought after speaker to our audience which includes healthcare professionals, aging network staff and caregivers. It is a pleasure to recommend Dr. Teena Cahill to you.

Conference Program Chair

Fortune 100 Corporation

Dr. Teena Cahill is a dynamo.

She is an experienced, high energy motivational speaker offering life enhancing insight applicable to both personal and professional life.

The reception was very positive and we plan to have her back.

Senior Research Associate
Corporate Strategic Research
Program chair

Fortune 500 Corporation

I confidently and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Teena Cahill for any type of corporate conference. We have invited her back three times to speak to various groups within our organization….including our women's network.

Teena is high energy and humorous, easy to work with, is the "real deal", has a great deal of depth and can handle almost any situation.

Our audiences have found her charismatic and compelling, educational and informative. She customized presentations that truly resonated with our attendees.

Teena has a long history of working with people at every level. Our executives found her presentations meaningful and informative and our administrative professionals felt the same way. She is the type of speaker who can adjust her content for the group to whom she is speaking.

Teen is insightful and clearly understand the inner workings of the workplace. She connects with her audiences who are drawn to her positive energetic style.

We have rarely had a speaker three times and we hope to have her back again

Professional Network

Healthcare Enterprise

One word describes Dr. Teena Cahill…FANTASTIC!

She truly helps you turn adversity into advantage and also realize the importance of being true to yourself. Again…she is fantastic!!

Executive Director

An International Business Association

Comments from those attending our conference included:

"Excellent information, inspirational, entertaining"

"Amazing speaker and great inspirational person." "Bring her back."

"Best speaker of the conference."

We have used Teena four times since 2005, and look forward to the potential of working together again in the future.

Vice-President of an International Business Association

Large National Non-Profit

Your presentation was a stellar performance!

Your enthusiasm, humor, knowledge and understanding of the tools needed to thrive and live in today's world are both enlightening and very realistic. It is obvious that you took the time to learn about our organizations mission and the community of volunteers and supports we interact with on a daily basis.

President and CEO

Women's Leadership Conference

It has been one of my proudest moments to have Dr. Teena Cahill speak at my conference. Each year we attempt to find the best and that is exactly what Teena delivers. With a humorous look at life, a distinctly unique approach to women's issues and a strong, research oriented array of teachings, Teena is a tremendous asset to our events and one person we love to rebook.


International Care Giving Specialty Event

Teena is right on the mark.

In almost 26 years of working with caregiver groups, I have met only a handful of others with the talent to change and adapt so quickly. Teena's playful nature, use of humor and humbleness, gives her the ability to quickly connect with people in a very short time. This is paramount on a caregiver cruise.

Teena is a motivated person and an excellent speaker for any size group. She is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, but most of all a person people instantly bond with and trust. And when looking for a presenter on a topic such as care giving…this is important.

Program Chair
Caregiver Specialty Conference Events


Dr. Cahill did a fund raising event followed by a keynote address for our educational institution. She did an outstanding job speaking to both diverse audiences, and the attendees at each event appreciate her wisdom, expertise, and wonderful sense of humor.

We can't say enough about Dr. Cahill's professionalism, flexibility, enthusiasm and knowledge. Please consider this letter our highest recommendation for Dr. Cahill.

Educational Institution

Law/Finance/Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Teena Cahill brought the house down with teaching stories and wisdom, imparted in a humorous, yet thoughtful and educational, and non-didactic manner. A long time professional lecturer, I was extremely impressed. I highly recommend Dr. Cahill and can't imagine you would be disappointed with her presentation.

Financial Professional

International Labor Association

All conference participants were captivated by your presentation on how we can use our inner strengths to build lasting leadership and develop strategies to cultivate success at work and at home. Even the shyest audience member was drawn out of their seat and into the conversation. The audience, made up of people from all walks of life and different sectors of the labor movement, all had one question in common. "When can you come back?"

Your enthusiasm was infectious and your contributions to the conference truly ensured its success.


Large National Industry Specific Association of
Small and Large Businesses

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Cahill present as a keynote speaker at the annual convention. Dr. Cahill delivered a sharp, direct, and yet humorous message full of business and leadership building information. But most importantly, her address was tailored to our businesses. I was able to implement the strategies and leave the event with concrete applications.

Governing Council Member
Leadership Council President

Magazine Campaign Kick-Off Event

Teena's professional and personal experiences allow her to showcase her unique talent in a manner that is warm and inviting.

She is able to share her knowledge with humor, as well as to help motivate and raise the consciousness of her audience.

If you are seeking a thoughtful, intelligent approach, Teena's professionalism is without question. I look forward to further encounters with Teena

Magazine Publisher

A Fifty-Plus Association

"In a world with too few landmarks to guide us toward realizing success in our personal and work lives, your concept of laughter as part of self care and resilience will serve as a directional mark to help us along our lifelong journey."

Association Chair

State Dept. of Rehabilitation

I would recommend Dr. Cahill to any organization who may be looking for an inspirational speaker. She was inspirational, motivating and very engaging. Staff comments included "excellent' "amazing' and "dynamic".

Rehabilitation Specialist


"Dr. Cahill impressed us with her delivery of relevant content in an eloquent and energetic fashion. Dr. Cahill clearly understands the inner workings of the workplace. She also has an acute knowledge of the need for "balance" in our personal and professional lives."

College Administrator


"I definitely recommend Dr. Teena Cahill as a vibrant, valuable speaker. Her insights, humor and relevance tap with meaning into the lives of women and men. Teena Cahill is a winner – both personally and professionally."

Chief Executive Officer

More recommendations available upon request.