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"Resilient," "passionate," "inspiring" and "fun" are words often used to characterize humorist Teena Cahill, Psy.D., respected expert, educator, speaker, and author. Dr. Cahill brings together ideas from the fields of leadership, healthy living and wellness, success, as well as cognitive behavioral and positive psychology, to show audiences what it takes to THRIVE! Hear Dr. Cahill's ideas on how to move beyond mere success and work to enhance personal potential while developing the potential of others...in the workplace, in the family, and as care partners around the world.

—Moving from Caregiver to Care Partner

An Entertaining, Enriching and Informative Program for Professional Care Partners, Personal Care Partners and All Who Support Others

THRIVE! Weave Your Webs of Connectedness and Partner With the World!

Get ready to learn and laugh with Teena Cahill, Psy.D.—a very entertaining woman with exceptional knowledge and experience with caregiving topics that matter most to those who care for others. Both a personal and professional caregiver herself, Dr. Cahill brings her warmth, energy, joy and expertise to this inspiring, idea-filled program that addresses the importance of connectivity, contribution and empowerment for "care partners." No one as more fun in this presentation than Teena!

Dr. Cahill combines her personal experience with the science of wellness to teach care givers, as well as care recipients to recognize personal strengths, focus on solutions, and to reframe their roles as "care partners." Traditional care giving roles address only two individuals: the caregiver and care recipient. However, by becoming care partners, both people assume some care giving responsibilities based on their respective abilities. Likewise, with care partnering, both team members are encouraged to reach out to others to give and receive support. Dr. Cahill believes this healthy approach to life and caring for others decreases isolation, increases self-esteem and sets up care partners for better health. Her motto is, "The wider our webs of connectedness, the higher we bounce."
Dr. Cahill stresses the value of leadership, contribution and purpose in all parts of life and honors all who choose to serve others whether professionally, personally or both. She encourages audiences to concentrate on their strengths and build their greatest lives through partnerships. Her memorable presentations enlighten, entertain, and empower.

Managing a Changing Environment

THRIVE! Learn to Manage Stress by Reducing Distress

This timely, humorous and educational presentation by Teena Cahill, Psy.D., illustrates how we can find opportunity in adversity. Combining her wit and wisdom, she builds on her "textbook learning" and "real- life experiences" to enlighten audiences about our ability to choose positive responses, even in difficult times.

Drawing from positive and cognitive behavioral psychology, Dr. Cahill illustrates the power of optimism, mindfulness and solution-focused based thinking to manage adversity. Solutions based thinking is hopeful and can help put our problems in perspective.

Audiences enjoy and appreciate learning evidence-based ideas related to psychology, leadership and healthy living. Dr. Cahill covers topics such as managing change and building on strengths; creating webs of connectedness to enhance resilience; and understanding the role of mindfulness, choice, and internal focus to turn around a difficult and changing environment. Other topics include; improving performance, time management, team building, the relationship between productivity and attitude. Her ideas stem from research and are enhanced by her own wide-life and diverse experience. 

Audiences consistently hail Dr. Cahill as a breath of fresh air who lovingly shares her creative ideas for managing life's highs and lows through good times and bad with class and conviction..

WOMEN TAKING THE LEAD: Leadership Comes from Your Toes!
Skills and Strategies for Leadership, Career Development,
and Dispelling the "Myth of Balance"

THRIVE! Empowered and Effective Leadership…from the Living Room to the Boardroom and Every Room in Between!

Armed with a doctorate in psychology and a lifetime of wide, ever-changing experiences with family, business and healthy living, Dr. Teena Cahill is well-suited to mentor and empower women to embrace their strengths, become more resilient and learn to thrive at home and at work. Audiences have a great time with this fun and empowered Boomer.

Information has burst forth in the last four decades teaching women how to be successful. And now that many of us have achieved success, research shows we're less happy! Why is this? Women often follow the male model of leadership to climb the pyramid of success. However, this approach will never be enough for women! We live wide and take on many leadership roles. Women need to THRIVE! and be successful, as well as to flourish, prosper, contribute and live a healthy life.

As part of this program, women learn to refine leadership skills to fit their lives, rather than apply outdated models designed for a narrower lifestyle. Women learn the importance of being proactive and strategic rather than reactive and defenseless. Dr. Cahill shares strategies to effectively leverage skills for success at work, at home and in the world.

Today's critical skill set for leadership is innate to women, including knowing how to develop others' potential. Historically, women have practiced this critical skill. Go figure! It was never that women were not leaders; it was that we had to fight our way into the power structure to prove our leadership. Now that we are here, let's broaden the definition of leadership to reflect our extended lives, break down the hierarchical pyramid, and show the world that leadership comes from our toes and is just as important at home as in the workplace.

Dr. Cahill draws from a variety of sources to show how leadership skills are transferrable to all parts of women's very wide lives. Get ready to dish and to laugh with this woman who also lives wide, just like her audiences!

EVERYDAY LEADERSHIP: Effective Leadership that Lasts!

THRIVE! Discover Ways to Build an Infrastructure for Effective Leadership
at Work, at Home and in the world!

Teena Cahill, Psy.D., begins this educational, inspiring and entertaining presentation by asking audiences to reframe the concept of leadership. Great leaders must practice self care, but, Dr. Cahill advises that as leaders, we care for ourselves so we can work to develop the full potential of those around us! The new sciences of Positive Psychology and Well-Being are the basic building blocks for this presentation. Dr. Teena Cahill believes that true leadership is part of a healthy lifestyle and supports this change in perspective.

Leadership, says Dr. Cahill, results from using positive communication and strategies to help move beyond personal success alone. Real leaders understand that developing the potential of others, is the ultimate measure of success. She stresses the importance of inter-connectivity along with a healthy dose of "emotional intelligence" for leaders in all aspects of life.

Furthermore, she cites the importance of identifying strengths, matching them with specific tasks, and learning to develop leadership and management strategies based on what is right about you, others, and situations, rather than what is wrong. Dr. Cahill uses stories about successful and effective leaders from the global community and all walks of life as examples of true leadership.

As a result, you come away understanding why Dr. Cahill believes leadership starts with becoming the C.E.O. of your life and learning to THRIVE—being successful, flourishing, living a healthy life, and contributing to the success of others—in all walks of life. As always, no one has more fun in this presentation as Teena!

Riding the Wave: Changing the Model for a Changing World

THRIVE! Get Ready—This Experienced and Credentialed
Baby Boomer Loves to Laugh

Teena Cahill, Psy.D.,is authentic, wise and very entertaining! This presentation, based on her academic and professional credentials and her real- life experiences, reframes the perspective on 21st- century aging and presents a new, inspiring model for a new world.

Studies on the demographics of aging frequently refer to the oncoming "Silver Tsunami." Dr. Cahill's response: "Bring it on!" She recognizes the Baby Boomer generation has power, knowledge, experience, creativity, wisdom and purpose. Her goal is to share findings from the latest research on healthy living and wellness, ways to increase brain function, the value of laughter and joy, the importance of engagement and contribution, and the need for new skills and strategies, as well as show you how to THRIVE.

"It all starts with how we think about aging," says Dr. Cahill. She addresses how aging has moved from the idea of "loss" to the idea of "growth" and how positive thinking affects brain function, mood, feelings of competence and joy. Dr. Cahill gives Boomers positive strategies for thriving that they can teach to those who haven't reached this dynamic stage of life; likewise, she offers guidance for recognizing new opportunities, finding and using strengths, and attaining a life of contribution and purpose which is key to healthy aging. Her motto is, "The wider our webs of connectedness the higher we bounce!"

Dr. Cahill laughs a lot. She brings compelling research and personal life experiences to deliver an inspiring message about longevity, memory, engagement, aging and the brain, the mind body connection, happiness, laughter and the value of fun. She stresses the importance of contribution, empowerment and mindfulness in leading a life of intention rather than one of reaction. You will laugh and perhaps cry a little, too, as this wise and funny Boomer shares a powerful and positive message for any event!

How Fun at Work Can Be a Win-Win

THRIVE! Attitude and Happiness Matter, Even at Work!

This positive, content-rich program teaches ideas for managing stress without so much distress. Audiences learn that stress is part of life, but that strategies exist which can help in the management of everyday stress.

Teena Cahill, Psy.D., an expert in human behavior, provides the latest information on self- care and wellness, bursts the "balanced- life" myth and shares how to replace it with skills and ideas that enhance resilience.
Dr. Cahill also defines the elements of a happy workplace, how to get there, and the relationship between attitude and productivity. She shares information on team building, time management, communication, managing others, and how to design a workplace which can be more efficient, fun and productive. Get ready to laugh as you learn. Happiness and good health in the workplace start with a positive attitude and, in this case, a good time!

This information is for educational and informational use only, and is not meant as a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified mental health or medical provider with any questions you may have regarding a mental problem or disorder, or medical condition.

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