Eleven Tips for Care Partnerships

One of the reasons I changed my identity from caregiver to partner is that I got tired of opening up magazines and reading that as a caregiver I was going to get sick and die sooner than if I were not a caregiver. Oh... and it was going to be all my fault because caregivers do not practice enough self care.

As a care partner I no longer read those stressful magazine articles aimed at caregivers and I find this act alone goes a long way in helping me manage my stress, without so much distress!

However, we each need to practice self care... so we can keep up the partnership!

Here are some ideas and I use...


  1. The Wider Our Webs of Connectedness the Higher We Bounce!
  2. See what is right... more than what is wrong.
  3. Form care partnerships... with loved ones and the world.
  4. Ask for help... and give help to others.
  5. Be assertive... not aggressive.
  6. Listen with your "third" ear... the one that hears feelings.
  7. Use your strengths... do something you love.
  8. Choose positive solution based responses.
  9. Let loved ones succeed. Self esteem is based on competency.
  10. Get professional support if needed. There are many professionals who can help... do not remain isolated.
  11. Choose hope... it gives energy and a new perspective!


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