Dr. Teena Cahill's advanced degrees all come into play in this empowering, content rich, humorous, and inspiring book about leadership, resilience, and what it takes to turn adversity into advantage.

This touching and easy to read story about overcoming tough times, is based on ideas from Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and Positive Psychology... as well as Teena's life.

Dr. Teena Cahill's wisdom teaches that while we cannot control all of the events in our lives, we can make the decision to be identified not by the events themselves, but rather by our position reaction to these events... at work, at home and in any kind of difficult situation.

A must read for leaders of any age, in any stage...
at home and at work. Laugh and learn with Teena.


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"If you're in a crisis, anticipate a crisis or are experiencing the after effects of a crisis.... READ THIS BOOK! Extraordinarily empowering!"
  —Evelyn N. Drake Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist

"I pride myself in appreciating the "Cahill Factor" – unique to Dr. Teena Cahill and held together by a wisdom based on solid cognitive behavioral principles."
  —Cyril M. Franks, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of
   Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University

"Dr. Teena does it again! This is a smart book in plain language that resonates to all. Powerful insights; it is her story, but it is every woman's story. Intimate, honest, and engaging.  A must read about courage and one's ability to succeed against all odds. Love it."
  —Cheryl Genis-Markham, I.I.D.A., Founder, PureOlogy Serious Colour Care
   Designers Circle LTD.

"We psychologists can talk about resilience, but Dr. Cahill has lived it. Her account of getting through a crisis reads like a novel, but rests on the fundamental professional principles with which we ply our craft. I could not put this book down."
  —Wendy S. Matthews, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author

"It's not everyday I come across a book I can't put down. Teena Cahill's beautifully written story, full of intelligence, heart, strength and brutal honesty, is a testament to the nobility of the human spirit."
  —Izzy Kalman, M.S., School Psychologist, Author, Director, Bullies to Buddies, Inc.

"The Cahill Factor is a story about courage and resilience, but it's mostly a story about love—not abstract or romantic sentiment, but the honest, gritty, feisty, and tenacious love that is the miracle of everyday life. Read it and be inspired!"
  —Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, Psychologist and Author

"Everything about "THE CAHILL FACTOR" is a joy. Teena Cahill has a lot to teach us about living. What's truly remarkable is that so much knowledge is found in a book that is so easy and delightful to read."
  —Howard S. Mele, M.D. Formerly Clinical Director, The Carrier Clinic, Formerly Asst
   Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UMDNJ

"With expertise, humor and grit, Dr. Cahill weaves the web of wisdom and resilience that provided support during a devastating event and gives readers the energy and insight to find their strengths and pursue their dreams."
  —Tamerra P. Moeller, Ph.D, Psychologist
  —James R. Moeller, Ph.D., Psychologist and Brain Researcher

"The Cahill Factor" is one of those rare books that touch both the mind and the soul. It is at once a tale of resilience and courage and a lesson in the ways that knowledge and awareness can illuminate the paths that each of us must find if we are to be both happy and wise. A must read for all who wants to learn the practical lessons which the new "science of well-being" has to offer."
  —Mark Glat, Psy.D., Psychologist

"Teena Cahill's book is full of wit and wisdom for all of us, both telling a great story and giving realistic and helpful advice on coping with today's increasingly complex world."
  —Robert Altman, Ph.D, President International Assessment Associates

"Here is Dr. Teena Cahill's love letter to all of us carrying a burden that feels bigger than we are. Her wisdom shows you how to bounce higher no matter how far or hard life drops you—with tactics that work in "the boardroom, the conference room, and the living room!"
  —Don Blohowiak, Executive Coach, Management Author, Lead Well Institute

"This is a truly remarkable story of the power of human connection and love. Poignant and well written, its message of hope is inspirational."
  —Phyllis Marganoff, Ed.D., Psychologist

"Dr. Cahill's awesome book delivers science through art, teaching lessons on living when presented with unexpected challenges."
  —Margaret Petry, Ph.D. Neuropsychologist

"The Cahill Factor is part love story and part life manifesto. Dr. Cahill talks about the marathon of life, but I read this gem of a book in a sprint. The humor, humility and honesty will open your resilient heart and fearless mind. She's a storyteller, a comedian and a powerful woman of the new millennium."
  —Sasha M. Rash, President, Professional Beauty Association, TSA President, Salon
   Sasha Inc.,

"Teena Cahill's account of how she tackled unexpected formidable life experiences with determination, wit and dignity is a model for seniors that may face modified retirement plans. A must read."
  —Bernice Cassady, Chair, Edmonton Chapter, CARP, Canada's Association for the
   5O Plus.

"Science has verified the importance of positive emotions for optimal healing and well-being. Dr. Cahill's book illustrates, with warmth, humor and authenticity, how positive expectations and hope can be mobilized to overcome adversity. This beautiful story touched my heart."
  —Susan M. Stewart, RN, MA, CLL, Master Trainer, World Laughter Tour, Inc

"This book is heart warming, touching and very intelligently written. I loved all the subjects it covered, as well as, the inspiring insight into human emotions and conditions. A must read for anyone dealing with the trials of caring for a disabled loved one."
  —Erik Bayindirli, 2006 USA Paralympics Ski Team Member

"A warm, funny, inspiring and highly engrossing story of overcoming adversity, gaining wisdom and savoring the joy of life to the hilt."
  —Grace Sinden, Retired Government Administrator and Conservationist

"Dr. Teena Cahill is resilience in person! Her book, "The Cahill Factor", captures her amazing story and grabs the reader for a phenomenal ride filled with humor, sorrow, and hope. It is a real-life love story and yet it is filled with practical advice. Tap into Teena's wisdom and experiences and find inspiration, admiration, and untapped reserves of your own capabilities to turn adversity into advantage!"
  —Amanda D. Batson, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, ADB Partners Education on

"A true life love story that catapults one from life's harsh adversities to life's loving advantage and blessings."
  —Mimi Warburton, Paralegal and Deaconess

"I enjoyed this book; I found it poignant and engaging, made all the more compelling because it is a true story. This is a story of love, perseverance, and personal initiative and is a wonderful example of the "don't ever give up" mantra, which the author and her husband have demonstrated in larger than life quantities, an example that many could, or perhaps, should, appreciate and follow."
  —Robert A. Finch. Retired Airline Captain