Dr. Teena CahillDr. Teena Cahill knows a lot about succeeding at work and in family……she has lived it. As one of the first of the “baby boomer” generation, she was able to “squeeze through” through the door of increased opportunity for women in the 1970’s. While working and serving as a full time parent, she earned both her master’s degree in counseling and a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Back then the idea of balance never entered her mind…or that of any other woman in the first years of the baby boomer generation. There was no balance, (Balance is still a myth) In the 1970’s American women didn’t have much economic opportunity and balance was more about the checkbook than managing time! (Trust me worrying about the bank/balance is much more disempowering than worrying about work/ life balance issues.)

We live in a capitalistic society…money is power. Give up money and you give up power. But if you open up your thinking and grow past the idea of balance…and instead choose to life a WIDE life… you can start to see strategies and solutions! Balance means we are stuck and cannot move…but when I see my life as wide….I can stretch out, relax and have some breathing room! When I relax I become solution based and do better problem solving.

As Director of Wisdom and Beyond, LLC Teena speaks around the world. Check out her website ( and you will see she speaks at large conventions, in companies, at healthcare events and in all kinds of venues. No one has more fun than Teena at these laughter filled presentations on topics such as… Replacing Balance with the vision of Living Wide, Leadership, Resilience, Managing Change, Positive Psychology, Cognitive REframes, Turning Adversity into Advantage, Parenting and Management (It’s all the same!), Reframing Care Giving to the more empowered idea of Care Partnerships, and many other topics for today’s leaders…at work and at home.

Teena is a care partner with to her husband Brooks, (A former Marine Corps fighter pilot and former international airline Captain) who has been disabled since 1992. She knows, first hand that great leadership is about developing the potential of those around us… and she’s always kept that thought in mind when speaking or when writing as an expert for consumer sites such as (The Cornerstone of the Johnson and Johnson Caregiver Initiative) or, (The website started by Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Dr.Susan Love.) or when she acts as a hands on grandma to her wild and wonderful (12) grandkids, or cares for her husband or aging parents.

But Teena also remains a leader in the business world, and these endeavors led to her being chosen as one of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs in NJ for 2011…as seen in NJ Monthly Magazine. Add this all together and you will find Teena to be a very funny woman who “lives wide” just as you can do…and who faces life’s twists and turns with determination, strategic thinking, and the desire to develop the potential of those around her…through teaching, laughing and lighting the way! (